Why A2 Hosting Is The Most Recommendable Hosting Company

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There are many web hosts vying for your dollar, so it takes a special service to stand out from the crowded field and prove itself worthy of your money. Web host A2 does so thanks to its impressive packages, terrific uptime, and wonderful customer service. But the question is ‘Why is it the most recommendable hosting company available in the market?’ Read more at this A2 Hosting reviews!

Originally launched in 2001 under a different name, A2 Hosting is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan (hence the A2 name). That’s all nice enough – but the most interesting thing about A2 Hosting is this: It’s not part of the Endurance International Group (EIG) conglomerate of web hosts. If you’re not familiar, EIG owns many major web hosts nowadays, including big names like HostGator, Bluehost, and tons, tons more. A2 Hosting, on the other hand, is independent. In my opinion, that’s a major plus because EIG’s reputation is…well, let’s just say it’s a bit less than sterling.

A2 HostingA2Hosting have over a decade of experience in offering hosting solutions ranging from shared resources to dedicated servers and much more in between. When looking for a hosting provider, chances are you care so much about website performance and you want the best for your business. At A2Hosting, website performance is their number one priority thanks to the vibrancy of their SwiftServer and Turbo Server platforms.

The reliability of A2Hosting stems can be attributed to its 99.9% uptime commitment and 24/7 real support featuring some of the best system admins and network experts. The spirit of continuous innovation has enabled this web hosting company to keep on loading accounts with features that customers love and which bring in real value for their investment.

Users who recommend A2 Hosting said that they liked the service’s superb customer service, affordability and great website performance. Most reviewers seemed really happy with A2 Hosting and gave high or perfect ratings.

A2Hosting provides range from shared hosting to dedicated hosting options. They focus on Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal and offer reasonable rates for their customers. Also, they have well-qualified support staff, competitive prices, user-friendly and advanced industry tools that are fully secured and reliable. On top of this, the company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and allows customers to restore their website to a previous date. The server is secured and monitored highest standards, located in the data center based in Michigan. A2hosting come with many hosting features such as unlimited transfer, domains, RAID-10 storage, email addresses and databases. Best of all, they provide free transfer and 30-day money back guarantee.

Hosting Speedy ServerOne of the main factors of site speed is Time To First Byte (TTFB) – ie, how quickly the server sends the first byte of the first file in response to a request. Here’s how my A2 Hosting website tested out with a standardized install for comparison. Their TTFB was much better than some of their big brand competitors like Bluehost or GoDaddy and competitive with other companies that focus on speed. Overall, A2 Hosting excels in their main claim to fame – speed & performance. If that’s your priority, then they are certainly in the running with other direct competitors.

First off, I don’t think that a company is “good” or “bad” simply due to its size. It’s all about tradeoffs. There are a lot of major advantages to using a big company. They usually have the resources to provide big comprehensive solutions. They usually have lower unit costs that can be passed to the customer. They are also usually more stable than small, upstart companies.

That said small companies are usually able to be more agile, closer & more responsive to the customer, and less likely to view customers solely through the lens of a Net Promoter Score.

The last major advantage of A2 Hosting that I want to call out is their focus on hosting features and customizations. They are not only a full-spectrum hosting company with products tailored for nearly every need; they also have a focus on the exact features that you get with your plans.


PHP7 Technology

They have everything from Windows hosting to Dedicated and Cloud hosting. All their plans come with up to date versions of software (i.e. PHP7, new cPanel, etc). Now – I think some of their “features” are misleading marketing-speak. But, like their speed claims, they do come through with providing the hosting that your project will need.…

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